A Mclaren F1, with rows of covered cars behind. An example of the presitge cars stored at Ecurie 137

Discreet Prestige Car Storage

Cost Effective, Private Facility with 24/7 On Site Security

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Bespoke Car Storage On The Essex & Suffolk Border

Ecurie 137 is a unique, secure car storage facility on the Essex and Suffolk border started by classic car enthusiasts Antony and David Kingham.

We are 35 mins from Cambridge and 35 mins from Stansted. Our nearest towns are Bury St Edmunds & Colchester.

If you are looking for car storage near you with very competitive rates, look no further. Our packages start from just £25 per week and include 24-hour on-site security, monitoring, battery trickle charge, car cover and tyre rolling - all as standard!

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Vehicle Storage That Suits You

We are in a hidden, picturesque countryside location on the Essex, Suffolk border. We offer secure car storage for all types of vehicles, including classic, prestige and antique cars. Although we specialise in classic car storage, we love to spend our days around interesting and prestigious vehicles of all kinds!

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24-Hour On-Site Surveillance

We have a comprehensive CCTV surveillance system running night vision and motion detection in place throughout our car storage facility. You can rest assured that someone is always on hand and surveying your vehicle all around the clock.

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Tailoured Maintenance Programmes

Each customer has their particular list of requirements. Therefore we have put together a package of service to suit every budget. Build your own bespoke list of additional services for your car and we’ll make sure your car is pristine when you next see it.

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Knowledgeable & Dedicated Team

We are petrol heads and proud of it. We take immense satisfaction in the beauty of the classic cars we see everyday. Along with our extremely dedicated team, we have decades' worth of contacts to add to a healthy network of enthusiasts.

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Just a brief note to say how thoroughly impressed I have been with all my cars' storage at Ecurie137. They have always been super friendly and helpful and are particularly flexible when it comes to appointment timings - a real personal touch goes a long way.

DW in SW London
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Prestige Car Storage Essex

Ecurie137 is the go to name for providing the highest quality car storage ranging from modern supercars to prestige vehicles categorised as classics. Prestige vehicles demand a prestigious service and that includes all aspects of a vehicle’s stay. Security, discretion, location and a tailored service are all regarded with the upmost dedication.

Security will be on all of our client’s minds as they want to be safe in the knowledge that their pride and joy is in no danger. That’s why we make sure it’s always on our minds and our security features are as up-to-date as possible and we follow best practice wherever we can. Our discrete location just adds to the secure nature of our car storage facility. Even though our facility is discretely located we’re ideally placed on the Essex and Suffolk border, close to trunk roads, transport hubs and historic towns with Cambridge very close by.

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Storing A Prestige Car Long-Term

Storing your vehicle, whether it’s a classic car or modern supercar, can lead to many pain points and anxiety inducing worry. The anxiety levels are heightened if you need to source winter car storage options too.We want to ensure any level of stress is removed from the equation, that’s why we offer a programme that effectively counters the negative effects of long-term car storage. Ecurie137’s process uses the latest technology to keep your car at the right temperature and humidity it specifically requires and our pre-storage protocol complements the longevity of your vehicle’s stay with us.

How Our Vehicle Storage Facility Works

Each vehicle storage facility provider will have their own way of working and their own processes. We feel this lead up to storing your car is vital that it is as close to perfection as it can be. We follow the below as a guideline, but we’re fluid in our process dependent on what type of vehicle is booked in with us.

  1. We photograph your vehicle to document its condition and share the information with you
  2. Your vehicle is given a unique identifier as we tag the keys and create a record
  3. Cover and protect the interior of the vehicle to protect the driver’s seat, steering wheel and floor
  4. The vehicle is then washed, dried and vacuumed. Full valeting can be included as an additional service.
  5. We check and document fluid levels and battery health
  6. To prevent flat spotting during a period of storage your vehicle’s tyre pressures are increased
  7. Before storage we ensure the vehicle is air dried for 24 hours
  8. To remove the surface rust from the brake rotors the brakes are applied
  9. In case of any leakages or fluid loss a dip tray is placed underneath the car to monitor it
  10. To make sure the battery is kept at peak condition throughout storage an automatic battery conditioner is applied
  11. A semi-tailored, soft, breathable indoor cover is carefully placed over the vehicle
  12. We email all the documentation and photographs of this procedure for full transparency

Car under cover

Aerated Vehicle Storage

Removing the moisture from the whole building and not just the immediate environment the vehicle is placed is of paramount importance for storing a cherished car. We achieve this optimal environment with a computer-controlled aeration solution and which ensures the relative air humidity is limited to 50%. The formation of rust requires more moisture in the air so keeping this relative humidity is of great importance.

Our Standard Car Storage Package

At Ecurie137 we pride ourselves on offering a truly bespoke experience to your car storage facility needs. We design a selection of additional services that we believe provided added value and we encourage our customers to build the package that works for them. However, that’s not to say our standard package is not excellent value. As standard we give all of our customers the below service.

Preparing Your Car For Storage

As mentioned above, our pre-storage process is comprehensive as we want to ensure peace of mind. In our pre-storage checks we wash and clean the exterior and interior of the car, document its condition and check fluid levels, tyre condition and brakes before placing a specific indoor semi-tailored cover over the car in our climate-controlled storage facility.

We Check On Your Vehicle Daily

Documenting the condition of your vehicle shouldn’t just be done on day one then left alone. The dedicated team at Ecurie137 inspect the premises daily as we’re on-site every hour of every day, all year round.

In-depth car checks

More In-Depth Checks Every Week

The condition of the battery and the drip trays are inspected every week so we’re on top of anything you may need to be made aware of.

Checking Your Engine Twice A Month

Twice a month we start the engine and get it running to operating temperature, turn the wheels to prevent flat spotting and check all fluids and pressures. 

Indoor Specific Breathable Car Covers

By using a cover that’s specifically designed for indoor use we’re able to ensure any trapped moisture is quickly removed through evaporation. This will mitigate the risk of rust formation.

Battery trickle charging

CTEK Battery Container

Trickle charging the vehicle’s battery through an automated battery conditioner ensures battery life longevity and means you can drive away your car whenever you want to.