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Vehicle Monitoring As Standard

Dedicated vehicle care from our expert team

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At Ecurie 137, we offer a range of vehicle monitoring services as standard. That means that every single car we store in our facility receives a high level of care, based on its individual requirements.

Our entry level package includes monitoring, safe storage, tyre roll and surveillance, starting at just £25 per week. For this, your car will be stored under covers and on a trickle charge to keep the battery healthy. You can also add extra services to create a bespoke car storage package.

And of course, as fellow motor enthusiasts, we are the best people to take care of your car.

Car Storage With Vehicle Monitoring

How does Ecurie 137 differ from other vehicle storage facilities? It’s simple: we don’t just store your car, we care for it.

Car covers, battery trickle charge and tyre roll are included as part of our standard package. As well as keeping your vehicle in excellent condition, this ensures that your car is ready to go whenever you want it.

And of course, our vehicle storage facility is climate controlled, making sure that your car is stored in the right conditions.

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What Does Vehicle Monitoring Involve?

Who are the best people to take care of your car? Fellow petrolheads, naturally! We genuinely want to make sure that your vehicle receives the optimum care while it’s with us: we are far more than a storage facility.

Vehicle monitoring involves keeping your car on a battery trickle charge, and our tyre roll service also comes as standard. We may put your vehicle under semi-tailored covers, but it’s not “out of sight, out of mind”, as we regularly inspect all the vehicles in our facility to make sure they stay in good condition. Add to this a climate-controlled building with high-level security provision, and you can see why we’re so popular among motor enthusiasts.

If you’re storing a vintage or classic car, you may want to add extra monitoring services such as runs out or valeting.

Why Do We Offer Vehicle Monitoring As Standard?

If you merely keep a car under cover, you’re not taking care of it. A vehicle that’s simply parked and left, even undercover, will not fare well with time. We look after the battery and tyres as standard, as well as constantly keeping an eye on the rest of the vehicle.

Our team wants to make sure that when you collect your car, it’s in the same, excellent condition as the last time you drove it. Because you don’t have to give 48 hours’ notice to collect your car from Ecurie 137, we make sure that it’s always ready to go.

Besides, you wouldn’t expect a group of car enthusiasts not to take perfect care of your motor, would you? There’s a lot more to safe storage than a security system and a dry environment.

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Why Choose Ecurie 137’s Vehicle Storage Facility?

At Ecurie 137, we always go above and beyond what’s expected. Offering monitoring as well as secure storage puts us wheels and bonnet above the competition.

When you choose to store your vehicle with us, you’re opting for service as well as storage. From just £25 per week, we’ll monitor your vehicle’s condition, making sure that its battery and tyres stay healthy, while keeping it safely under semi-tailored car covers.

Our facility is climate controlled and has 24-hour surveillance security. It’s in a discreet rural location, yet is still close to the Essex and Suffolk trunk roads for convenient access.

We specialise in taking care of classic cars, supercars and vintage cars, and can work with you to create bespoke storage packages for these vehicles.

Our Vehicle Storage Rates

Our rates are definitely competitive: from £25 per week for storage and monitoring.

If your vehicle needs more specialist attention, please contact us at Ecurie 137. We’ll discuss your requirements, and design a tailored storage and monitoring plan for your car.

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