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Classic Car Insurance Explained

Are you looking into insurance for your classic car? It’s a bit more involved than insuring your everyday vehicle; however, you may be pleasantly surprised by the cost of the premiums and how you can tailor the policy. Here’s the Ecurie137 guide to classic car insurance. What Cars Are Covered By...

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Secure Car Storage: What To Look For

Are you looking for classic car storage? Before you hand over the car keys, you need to make sure that you’re 100% happy with how your vehicle will be treated, and that all its needs are catered for. You also want to make sure that you as the owner will...

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What Makes A Car Classic?

Here at our classic car storage facility, we have the absolute pleasure of meeting some truly beautiful classic cars. But what exactly is a “classic car”, and what is it about them that’s so appealing? What’s The Technical Definition of “Classic Car”? There isn’t really a proper definition of “classic car”; however,...

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Why we love our 924

Since it's Valentine's Day we’d like to tell you about one of our great loves, our Porsche 924. Although many Porsche fans still think the 924 is not a “real” Porsche, or scoff at its unconventional looks, we love it. And we’re not alone – recently the car press and...

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Ecurie at Le Mans Classic

As Le Mans Classic veterans we always look forward to the first weekend in July and this year’s experience was our best ever. We were taking part in the Global Endurance Legends demonstration in our Porsche 996 GT3R - a car which has its own Le Mans history, coming seventh...

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Ecurie is expanding!

Local business, Ecurie 137, is expanding its car storage facility on the Essex/Suffolk borders. Focusing mainly on classic cars, Ecurie 137 provides a unique, discreet and secure place for car lovers to store their pride and joy. Business owners Antony and David Kingham, keen classic car owners and collectors, started Ecurie...