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Ecurie is expanding!

Local business, Ecurie 137, is expanding its car storage facility on the Essex/Suffolk borders. Focusing mainly on classic cars, Ecurie 137 provides a unique, discreet and secure place for car lovers to store their pride and joy.

Business owners Antony and David Kingham, keen classic car owners and collectors, started Ecurie 137 in 2016 after being disappointed with the various storage facilities that had looked after their cars. When they found the perfect location to store their own collection they decided the facility was large enough and so conveniently located that they could offer a storage service to others and Ecurie 137 was born.

As owners themselves Antony and David understand what car owners need and they look after all their customers’ cars with the necessary love and care that will keep them looking their best and in excellent driving condition. They know that each car is an individual and every owner will have different priorities and have worked out a range of bespoke storage options so that there is something to suit everyone.

Director Antony Kingham, said, “We are delighted to be able to offer space at Ecurie 137 to more customers. When we started the business we wanted to offer the kind of service we had not been able to find ourselves – one that is flexible, secure and reasonably priced. Our current owners love our friendly approach and know they are welcome to call us at any time and we will always do our best to help. Our expanded space means we can offer more people first-class car storage at affordable prices.”

Although Ecurie 137 mainly specialises in classic cars, Antony and David are genuine petrolheads who love all cars and will look after any model with the same care and attention as they do their own. Anybody looking for reasonably-priced quality car storage within a secure climate-controlled and convenient environment should call us on 07766 256723, visit our website at or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Posted under Blog Fri, 29th Jun 2018

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