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Antony Kingham, David Kingham and Ecurie 137.

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Antony Kingham writes, "My brother, David, and I grew up around cars and have always had a particular love of classic cars. Our father, Malcolm Kingham, was a racing driver in the 1950s and as a family we spent most weekends working on cars and out racing them. When he retired he started his own business and although he didn’t encourage his sons to follow him into the motoring world we began our own classic car collection in 1998.

Over the years we have built, cherished, restored and driven many classic cars. We’ve also kept our cars at various storage facilities, both good and bad. When we got the opportunity to store our collection at our current place we were excited to be able to look after the cars ourselves - to treat them with the love and care we know they need to keep them looking their best and in excellent driving condition. Since our facility is large and conveniently located we decided we could offer the standard of car storage we expected for our cars to others and Ecurie 137 was born.

As owners we understand what our customers need and they trust us to look after their cars as well as we do our own. We know that each car is an individual and every owner will have different priorities so we worked out our range of bespoke storage options so that there is something to suit everyone.

Having been caught out ourselves with inflexible storage facilities that demand 48 hours notice before you can remove your car and treat owners like a bit of a nuisance we wanted to offer a friendlier and more flexible approach. Our owners are welcome to call us whenever they like and we always do our best to meet their requests.

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