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Getting your car out of winter storage

It’s spring again (at least officially) and we’ve been looking forward to some summer drives with the roof down – although with the current rain we might be waiting for a while. If you’re thinking of getting your classic car out of its winter storage then make sure you look it over carefully before speeding off into the sunset. We know from bitter experience that failure to do so can leave you very disappointed when the engine fails to start.

Of course, if your car is stored with us we guarantee it will be in the same condition it was when it came in – or better – and that it is ready for you to drive whenever you want. If not we suggest a few things before you take your car for a spin:

  • Check bodywork for dents and scrapes
  • Look at wiring
  • Check for fluid leaks under the chassis
  • Consider an oil change
  • Inspect brakes/shock pads

Happy summer driving! From the Ecurie 137 team.

PS If you’re thinking about storage for your car then we’ve got some great news – Ecurie 137 is expanding. Stay posted for more information – or give us a call on 07766 256723.

Posted under Blog Wed, 4th Apr 2018

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