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How to choose a car storage facility

At Ecurie 137 we understand that choosing a car storage facility for your pride and joy can be daunting. The range of options available is considerable so how do you find the right place? Is price the best guideline? Is discretion more important than being able to get your car out easily? As owners of our own facility, configured to our own exacting requirements, and previous users of external storage of varying quality we think we’re ideally qualified to offer a few tips on what to look out for.

Before you start out you should have a good idea of what to expect from a car storage establishment. Carry out some internet research and decide what the priorities are for you and your car.

We think the absolute most important thing to get right is a good relationship with the owners. You need to trust that the people looking after your car will take good care of it so take time to find the right owners. When you meet them ask about their own interest in cars – are they knowledgeable? Are they passionate about cars? Do they have a good network of contacts? Do they keep their own cars at their facility*? If they do it is a strong indicator that they can be trusted with yours. Do they respond well and quickly to questions? Will they be flexible and helpful when you want to take your car out? Can they offer references?

Location – is your chosen facility located conveniently? Is it close to major transport links? Is the location secure? Is it discreet? Are the owners using the best alarm systems and do they have robust security procedures in place?

Environment – is the facility dry? Is it well maintained? Are the owners using equipment to keep it aerated? Are the cars arranged neatly and covered with quality car covers? Does each car have a trickle charger available?

Price – does the facility offer a custom service? Do you find it easy to discuss finance options with the owners? Does the price feel about right for the service being offered? 

Trust your instincts – if you don’t get a good feeling about the facility or the owners then try somewhere else – there are many truly excellent storage services available in the UK and you do not have to put up with poor quality establishments.

*As lifelong classic car and motor racing enthusiasts we store our own collection at Ecurie 137 and guarantee to look after your car with the same love and care as we do our own.


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