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Why do we love classic cars?

Ecurie 137 has started a blog! We thought we'd kick it off with a few thoughts about why we love classic cars...

At Ecurie 137 we know that modern cars are better in almost every way – more reliable, more economical, more environmentally friendly and, of course, much safer. So why is it that we, along with all the other crackpots in the classic car community, love them so much?

The first reason is the aesthetics. Classic cars are just more attractive. They appeal to our eyes far more than a modern car designed by a computer in a factory. Real people with pens and paper designed classic cars and it shows in the beautiful curve of the bonnet on a Jaguar XK150, or the sleek lines of an Aston Martin DB4.

Secondly we love driving our classic cars. Without any of the driving aids modern cars have, a classic car needs much more input from the driver. You need more skills just to stay safe in an old car and more still to coax the best performance out of it. A classic car driver feels an almost physical connection to his or her machine that just doesn’t happen with a mass-produced motor.

We also love tinkering with an engine and our classics give us plenty of opportunity for that. Classic car engines are perfect for getting your hands dirty and, unlike in modern engines where all problems are diagnosed and fixed by computer, there is much the enthusiastic owner can work on.

Then there’s the nostalgia. We were brought up around beautiful cars as our father, Malcolm Kingham, was a professional racing driver. By having our own collection and operating our car storage business we’ve kept a connection to him and to our family. All our cars come with their own story, as do our clients’ cars – and we love to hear all about them. Feeling like we’re helping to preserve a little bit of history makes us happy.

Lastly, we know that owning a classic car is more difficult than owning a modern one, we know that our classics need more of our time and effort – but to us that’s a bonus. We appreciate the satisfaction of keeping our classic cars looking beautiful and driving well and we know other owners do too. 

Although we do love classic cars, at Ecurie 137 we are not exclusive and, petrolheads at heart, we really do love all cars. At our storage facility we keep a wide variety in perfect condition for their owners, alongside our own prized collection. Find out more

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