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Why we love our C-type

National Drive-It Day took place on 22 April this year and although we admit we got around to it a bit late we did take the opportunity to get our 1951 C-type out for a spin.

 The C (stands for “competition”) type was the first real racing car sold by Jaguar. Built on the XK120 running gear with a lightweight aluminium frame, the C-Type was immediately successful on its release, winning the Le Mans 24 at its first outing in 1951. 1952 was not so triumphant since an attempt to streamline the C-type’s bodywork led to overheating problems but in 1953 the C-type was back on top form and came in 1st, 2nd, 4th and 9th places at Le Mans.

Only 53 C-types were ever made, making those still in existence extremely rare and valuable – an unrestored example was auctioned in 2016 for £5.7m. But that’s not why we love the C-type. We love its uncompromising racing credentials - there are no concessions to comfort or normal road driving, not even any door handles! We love the exciting driving experience. And we love the clean lines of its design, which turns heads everywhere we take it.

Posted under Blog Fri, 18th May 2018

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